Sports Bras

Running Sports Bra
1. Brooks Rebound Racer- $30-$50

Brooks makes an incredible product for women of all sizes. Certain bras are made to resemble regular bras with clasps in the back, some are racer back with clasps and some are regular racer backs. Some are made for women with smaller chests and some are made specifically for larger breasted women. Having the right sports bra is incredibly important for running because not only does it provide support, but it also helps prevent a lot of bouncing in an area that is not necessary. As with all Moving Comfort bras, they are sized as any normal bra would be ie, A, B, C, D+.

2. Lululemon Bitty Bracer- $54

Support is very important to me when running as well as not chafing. I have tried many different sports bras even though I love my Moving Comfort, the Bitty Bracer by Lululemon is fantastic. It has a buckle in the back so it doesn’t make putting on over your head impossible. They have cups available by I don’t need them. Plus when you sweat it fits itself to your body to make it comfortable. it is not bulky like moving comfort and it does a better job of supporting my girls. This bra comes in specific sizing of A, B/C and D.

3. CWX XTRA Support Running Bra III- $60

This bra is more on the thicker side, but it provides a great amount of support. With a hook and clasp in the back to make getting it on easier, as well as a racer-back style, this is a definite favorite of mine. CWX makes compression products and I was excited to test this out because I need my girls to stay in place and comfortable while running and this bra definitely does its job. This bra starts at a 34B/C and goes to a 38DD and was made for medium to high-impact sports.

4. Nike Pro Fierce Bra- $50

I was hoping to fit in this bra and I barely made it. Because of my size and my small shoulders, I typically have to go down in size if it is not made by the cup. But I did enjoy this bra and the way it was made. It’s made with great material and is very comfortable. It is a racerback bra that comes in three different colors, the cups are molded and the bra is made with compression. It is more of a medium support, but I enjoy running in it because my girls stay in place.

5. Lululemon All Sports Bra- $52 

I used this bra for a little while thanks in part to its support however, I did notice that it was not made for me in the sense the shoulder straps were too long and didn’t hold my girls up high enough. As a result, the bra didn’t feel to support a great deal. As a result, I used this bra for weight lifting or biking where I won’t need high support. It is still a great bra, wonderful material and very comfortable, but if you don’t have high/broad shoulders, this may not be for you.

Triathlon Sports Bras

6. Orca Women’s Core Support Bra– $50
So far the Women’s Core Support bra is very comfortable and supportive, it has a bra hook in the back to adjust the band size to what you prefer and that sold me. The material was nice and moisture wicking and perfect for running triathlons. No chafing occurred even when the bra was wet after the swim and the bra stayed supportive and in place. It comes in different colors and, of course, different sizes.  The design has been updated as this is from 2013 but if you click on the link, it will take you to the ones still available on Amazon.