Thoughts from Erin: My Summer and When You Know It’s Time To DNS

I knew going into this racing season that it was not going to be like the previous ones. I had 6 weddings to attend this year including 3 bridal showers and 2 bachelorettes (I had to pull from the third due to work). Go figure that 3 of those weddings took place in the month of August. Not only that but I got engaged this summer as well, so next year it will be my turn. This summer was very challenging for me mentally and as a result physically as my training and long training sessions took a nose dive. I was exhausted from traveling and the other things in life taking place that all I could rely on was the regular training I could fit in.

The last time I was able to get in a long bike ride was June. That was one of the signals for me that I was not going to be ready for my triathlons this summer. As a result, I decided to make my half ironman in Williamsburg into an Olympic. But when August rolled around, my endurance levels fell so I was concerned about racing 70.3 Atlantic City. Thankfully I was able to double check those endurance levels just in case I could pull it off at the Nations Triathlon Relay. Unfortunately, it confirmed what I knew. That racing 70.3 miles was not going to be possible, mainly because when I race I want to know that I can pull off a B when it’s a C. I didn’t even feel like a C going into this race so I decide to instead make this a weekend to relax, reset the mind and get in some long training sessions. 

If there is something I can educate, it is so important to listen to your body and your mind. I could have forced myself to race AC, but then I wouldn’t mentally be in a good mindset. For me, mental fitness is just as important and I know when my mental levels have hit their capacity. I wish I was there with my teammates of course but I have 70.3 NC in October which will be my A race and the one I put all of my training and efforts into. Plus not I have “some” weekends to get in long bike rides. Plus if I can get my training up even more, maybe I will decide on a late season marathon, but we will see and I am not pushing it. I honestly am more focused on October and maybe fitting in some fun shorter distance races at the end of the year to propel me into the spring racing season. 

Even though I am getting married, racing is incredibly important to me and necessary. So I still have plans to race early spring and after I get married. I would love to be able to do a late season 2017 Ironman so maybe I will put that on the registry! I know many of you rely on my race reports to see if it is something you would be interested in doing, so I will ask my friends racing how it went and link up with them so you know how this year was different than last. Thank you and remember…

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