Anchorage Mayor’s Alaska Half Marathon

Anchorage, AK

This race report is courtesy of my awesome mom who went on vacation to Alaska and decided to stay longer in order to run this race which by the way is also known as the Summer Solstice race with the most amount of daylight hours. Check out her report below!

Saturday race starts at 9 am from 9th and L street. The expo was far away from downtown and airport. So I had to take a cab to the hotel, then another cab to the expo , then another cab back to the hotel. It would be nice if the expo was near the start line or at the host hotel. The expo had a few booths, and the one that I had never seen before and interested me was Damsel in Defense, which had items to protect women when alone on a run. The Sheraton was about a mile from the start but the Marriott is a lot closer. Another issue I had is the late start time. For people staying in hotels, this is an issue because check out is usually 11 or 12. With such a late start time there’s not much time for a shower and a nap after the race.

Race day weather was supposed to be cloudy 57-61 but the sun came out so it was nice for shorts and t-shirt. The start area had suntan lotion, bug spray, Gatorade and water. There were no markings for people to start in any particular area so we started wherever we wanted. The course was very pretty. We saw snow covered mountains, ducks, birds, the bay and I even saw a moose. We mostly ran on a bike path and a little bit in the woods which was tricky with tree roots and rocks.

There were some hills which were a bit tough especially at the finish line. Each mile was marked and they had plenty of blue Gatorade and water on the course. I saw lots of medical personnel riding bikes on the course to make sure we were ok. The food served at the finish was really good. They had watermelon, oranges, bananas, homemade chocolate chip cookies, grilled cheese sandwiches, and cranberry bread. You also got your t-shirt at the finish line along with your medal. I didn’t see any bottled water though. Overall an excellent race and I highly recommend it.


 Perks: Beautiful course, good post food, managed well.  

Ehh… Not a fan:
Expo far from downtown. No bottled water or Gatorade at the finish line. Late start time.



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