Pikes Peek 10K

April 24, 2016
Rockville, MD
6th Age Group

This past weekend, the boyfriend and I ran in a local 10K. It was a point to point with a net downhill. The race was designed to make it very easy for the runners to get to the start line and return to it as the race started and finished at the metro stops. So once we were finished we hopped back on the metro to get back to our car.

The boyfriend had a great race finishing in 42:35 and I finished in 45:44 which I was happy with but wanted to get under 45 minutes.

The course had a lot of downs, with some minor steep hills including the one we ran up at the beginning of the race. It was a gorgeous day, great race conditions and it was nice to have a well-paved road. The runners stuck to one side of the road and in particular, two lanes to run in but police presence we great. There was water at miles 2 and 4 only and at the finish line. Instead of medals we were given mason jars which we used later that day to enjoy our post-race meal.

The post race food had many options and was fully stocked with the basics and a local restaurant. It was also very smart for Geico to be there with drawstring bags to hand out to people to carry food back if they didn’t bring a bag.

Other than this, the only thing I disliked was the fact that the chip had to be tied to your shoes. I wish they had provided us with ones that didn’t have to be returned and could just be stickied onto your laces. Why do I feel this way? Well, I run with lock laces instead of regular laces and had to mac guyver my way to figure out how to keep the chip on which in the end didn’t help because it fell off my foot in the first half a mile and I had to carry it in my hand. Now I can’t find my results because it wasn’t attached to my shoe.

Perks: Race course, next to metro, how it was ran, the finisher jars, post race food
Ehh… not a fan: The timing chips

Next up… Indy Mini Marathon!


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