Ironman Training Week 5

This past week was a major challenge for me both mentally and physically. There was a lot of biking on the trainer culminating with the big 100-miler. There were only a few swim sessions and two runs because coach wanted me to focus on building my bike volume to get to this point. So what did I experience during my first century?

Well for starters, the 100-miler was not as taxing on my legs as I thought it would be, but it was on my lady parts. Ladies! Do not forget to use body glide, trislide, chamois butter, anything for down there. By mile 80 I was starting to hurt down below more than my legs and that was when I couldn’t wait to be done. But other than that, after all of the mileage I have done on the bike so far, I felt fine and ready to run in my legs. Were there tired? Of course! But I have done what coach has wanted me to, to be prepared for the run off the bike and the big day. 

In terms of training, I have been practicing in what I will be wearing come race day including helmet, trisuit, shoes and nutrition of course. I am happy to say that my nutrition plan is working and I have not had any stomach issues. So I feel much happier and more prepared for nutrition come race day. I am 5 weeks out from Ironman Louisville and this week I have the Nations Triathlon Sprint as a nice trainer session as well as some more runs. The following week, the Metric Ironman. I know that what I am doing is preparing me for the big day so I just always remind myself that…

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