Some Thoughts From Erin: Sometimes Life Just Gets In The Way

Even though I have a race coming up, I also have to move into a new home, by myself, which makes training a tad bit tough to do. However, I like to look at it as a workout in itself.

On Saturday I carried bags upon bags upon bags (without wheels) up and down stairs and lifted them into my car. Then unloaded them into a cart and unloaded them into my new home. I did this 9 times today all the while I had to walk back and forth down the hallway. So overall I think I got in both cardio and weights.

On Sunday I did the same as Saturday but I also painted. My body monday morning was so sore and tired. Who knew that painting would do that!

Today, I painted and also lugged a car load of stuff up and down stairs multiple times. I am beat and I still have one more day to move things.

So for those of you who worry about training while moving. You just did a bunch of training, but in a completely different way.


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