This Incredible Runner Just Proved That All It Takes Is Determination

If you were busy racing this weekend, or spectating at a race, there’s a chance that you might have heard about this incredible 70-year-old.

The Western States 100 was this past weekend, where athletes had to run 100 miles in California and finish in under 30 hours. The overall winners came in around 15 hours, but it was the final finisher that is making headlines.

With only seconds to spare, Gunhild Swanson of Spokane, WA comes running down the finish shoot with the 2015 overall winner Rob Krar, who came back to the finish line to run the last mile with her. With cheers from everyone and a few seconds left in the race when she hit the final stretch, she was able to cross that finish line with 6 seconds to spare. She finished in a time of 29:59:54 (yes that is 29 hours). By doing this, she also became the oldest female finisher ever in the history of the race.

This woman is proving that age is just a number and that never giving up is part of being a runner. She had the motivation and determination that day and it helped her accomplish an incredible feat. She is the embodiment of strength and tenacity and it is women like her that motivate others to do the impossible, because she proved it could be done. Congratulations Gunhild!

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