Review of the BSX Insight

I had the chance to review the BSX Insight and for competitive athletes who are always trying to improve their performance, this is a great device to include in your training.
The BSX Insight is a wearable device that you put into a compression sleeve on your calf. It measures the muscles oxygenation through LED lights. Those lights flash thousands of times and collect information including your heart rate and pace. The device then runs an algorithm to give the user their lactate threshold (LT) power, heart rate numbers and personalized training zones based on the data it reports back through the smartphone app.

This test is 30 minutes long and works in three-minute increments. After the initial questionnaire, which will help the app determine what type of runner or cyclist you are, it will then tell you what speed to run or MPH to bike at for the next 30 minutes until the test is completed (make sure you follow the instructions in order to complete the test accurately).

Once the test is completed, the results will be calculated and immediately revealed. The app also stores all of your information so you can compare and track your tests over time. The BSX Insight is meant to be used every 6-8 weeks to see if you are improving and it’s very cool to see how you are improving.

The device comes available for runner-specific, cycling-specific and multisport (FYI you can’t use it while swimming for those multisport users) and the multisport device retails for $419.00.

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