Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon

 Myrtle Beach, SC

 I was out sick for this race, but my mom still raced it and here is her recap of it.

The Myrtle beach mini marathon was  a very well run point to point race.

The weather was beautiful, the medal was huge and it was a wonderful
sunny day.

It was 47 degrees when the race started at 7am, the sun came up in about
30 minutes. It was 58 degrees at the finish line at the beach, which I
loved. It was a perfect temperature for  shorts and t shirts. We started
running down a closed road and then went to a walking path for a short
bit. Then we ran along the ocean for a little while but were a block
away for most of that time. The finish line was around a bend so you
couldn’t see it until you were right upon it. The course was very flat
and I had a great race time. There was water and gatorade every few
miles. The after race food was bananas, cookies, bagels, apples,
pretzels and beer;  nothing exciting. The bus was there to take us back
to the start when I needed it but I personally don’t really like point
to point races very much. The host hotel was very nice, but not
convenient. I would recommend staying at the finish line and taking a
cab to the start.

Pros: well run, bling, beautiful weather 

Cons: not very scenic, point to point, after race food


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