P90X3 Week 1

So Far P90X3 is off to a great start. The workouts are fun and did I mention only 30 minutes??? Which means I still have time to get my swim, bike and run on! The workouts this week have been a huge wake-up call as it consisted of a lot of balance, flexibility, and ab work. I thought I was flexible and had quite the balance, but I guess over the years, it has deteriorated (they say running can do that to you). 

My favorite was the warrior workout, it consisted of cardio, abs, balance the whole shebang. It was fun and went by super fast. I will say that my goal for the end of this month is to do the moves without struggling. So far, I have already accomplished that goal with some of them but NOT ALL OF THEM. 

My workouts always consist of some shakeology afterward because it tastes so good and helps replenish your body with vitamins and minerals. 

I swear by this, P90X3 is the best training partner for triathlon training. It helps build those muscles you could spend hours working on in the gym. With P90X3, it works all the muscles in just 30 minutes. Plus it helps improve your balance and flexibility. I am having a blast so far and I can’t wait to see the results in 90 days!


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