My quest to find the most supportive triathlon specific sports bra’s

Last season I changed clothes in my search for the best triathlon gear like I rotated by shoes. I went from Pearl Izumi to Zoot to KSWISS to 2XU with many more intermixed. I officially found 2XU and I love their gear. It is so comfortable and the shorts are long enough to be chafe-free!  However, because I am on the larger chested side, i had to wear a sports bra on top of the ones that came with the tri tanks because it seems that the Triathlon market has yet to make anything women’s specific that can hold our precious loved ones up and keep them from bouncing around all over the place. 

This year I decided thanks to the recommendations of my triathlon team,, I decided to give Orca a tri. So far the Women’s Core Support bra is very comfortable and supportive, it has a bra hook in the back to adjust the band size to what you prefer and that sold me. The material was nice and moisture wicking and perfect for running triathlons. It comes in different colors and of course different sizes. If you are interested in giving this bra a try click on this link! Orca Women’s Core Support Bra

Meanwhile, my love of brands is still changing with a new obsession in Specialized bike jerseys and SOAS racing. I love that they are women’s specific, but so far I haven’t seen any sports bras. If anyone has any suggestions please throw them my way! I would like to give another brand a chance to win my heart and chest.

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