My First brick of the season

Today was a beautiful day in Baltimore with temps in the 50s so I knew I had to take advantage and get outside. I FINALLY got to ride my brand new Shiv expert that I bought in December and saved from the house fire. It was only a 13-mile bike ride followed by a quick 1.5 run, but I was just happy to be able to do it and not have jello legs. During the bike portion, it was very windy but as they say with tri bikes, riding into the wind is much more efficient than on a road bike. now the crosswinds? totally different story. I am a small girl already and I know the crosswinds and I don’t get along, that being said I was definitely being blown about on the track. Didn’t finish as fast as I wanted to, want to be able to bike 12 miles in around 30 minutes but hey it was my first day back on the bike in around 5 weeks since the incident. Today was just a day to get out there.

I ran a pretty good 7:15-mile pace. Slowed down once I hit the winds, but my goals for this year is to do what my boyfriend gets me to do at the end of a long run… HIT THE GAS. These past few months I have really been able to focus on running the last few miles of a race, at a much faster speed than in the middle when I have been known to keep a steady rhythm, slower than the first 4 miles. The mentality and I definitely did a little bit of a speed up today but like I said, today was not about time, it was about enjoyment and getting out there.

I may have lost everything I have every owned, my home where I grew up and the photographs the define those memories, but what I realized at the end of the day, was how much I appreciate being able to do all of this. The training, the racing, having goals. Yes, I lost my gear, but it made the moment of getting them back and getting out there on the road and in the pool that much more enjoyable and appreciative. I love this sport and its so great to have a support group of friends and family there for me, to help replace those items that I missed dearly and cheer me on when the going gets tough.


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