Running Shoe Reviews

Product Review #1

Brooks PureCadence

The Cadence is the shoe I used for my first marathon and I will continue to use them for longer distances. These shoes are for Guidance to Support runners and delivers a lot of support through  features such as a wider Nav Band. A reinforced heel counter secures the foot and provides a lot of cushioning for every step you take. The arch support doesn’t last as long as the Connect’s but with its 4 mm drop it helps you feel a natural foot strike while also proving more stability compared to the other shoes in the Pure Project line. You can also feel the toe off as the shoes are made to lead your foot through the gait cycle. But just like its family, it is a minimalist shoe which only lasts 250-300 miles.

Product Review #2
Brooks PureConnect

I am in love with the PureConnect shoes by Brooks. This shoe is a part of their Pure Project family of shoes that brooks initiated this year. They are meant to be a minimalist type of shoe which basically means you are closer to the ground without having to run barefoot or in those horrible Vibrams. These shoes I use to race in for shorter triathlons and half marathons. They have fantastic arch support which I love and incredible cushioning. In the summer, they will be coming out with different colors but I personally love the mint. The only downside to these shoes is that since they are minimalist you can only get about 250-300 miles out of them so you may find yourself purchasing new shoes very often if you log the 40-50 miles per week that I do. But overall a fantastic shoe and I highly recommend them.

Product Review #3

 ASICS GT 2170

Currently, I train in the Asics GT 2170 and I find these to be fantastic shoes. I prefer to run in stability shoes because where I log my miles, the ground is not even and it helps prevent against IT-Band flare ups as well as knee problems. I also have a high arch and I love the feeling in these because they give great arch support. Also, since they have a rear foot gel cushioning system, the heel isn’t as hard when you land. But more importantly, I like my foot to feel like it’s in a sock when I run. I don’t like slipping and sliding and being able to move everywhere in the forefoot. This shoe along with a lot of other items in the Asics line keeps the foot snug. The shoe which was recently updated from the 2160 is not too heavy which is very important for a small individual like myself, you don’t want the shoe to weigh you down when you are running because then it makes running a pain and running is in fact fun! I suggest going to either City Sports because they offer a rewards program to their members which are free by the way or Fleet Feet, but I do find Fleet Feet just a tad bit more expensive than City Sports.


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