Zooma Womens Racing Series: Annapolis Half Marathon and 10K

Annapolis, MD
June 5th, 2011
Finish Time: 1:42:55
Placed: 13th 
AG 20-24: 3rd


The race which takes place in Annapolis, MD about an hour or so from DC and Baltimore, started at the Navy-marine corp memorial stadium was a small one. Maybe about 2000-2500 people. The race takes place in June so you can be either very hot or warm. I got lucky because the week leading up to the race the weather was very unhealthy. Very hot to the point where I couldn’t go for a run without almost dying from heat exhaustion. But thankfully come race day, the weather was more humid, overcast and drizzling so it was a nice change. I was actually surprised about the course because there are a couple there and back turn points and a lovely hill due to the bridge which you have to go over twice, then afterward some rollers. Somehow I PR’d this race and came in 3rd for my age group, 13th overall.
Perks– Parking is not an issue which was nice, we got there rather early because we were nervous about the parking situation. The race starts on time and if you find yourself a fast runner you don’t have to worry about a wave start because there is none. So you will be in the front when the race starts. There are mile markers at every mile, lots of great aid stations but not very many people cheering you on as it is a small race on a Sunday morning. The expo is small, but its targeted mainly towards women so they have lots of great stuff to buy. If you miss the chance to buy something the items are sold after the race as well. Also, the cost of photos afterward were the cheapest I have ever experienced.

Ehh… Not a Fan: There was no medal, just a necklace (shown to the left) and as someone who likes to collect medals, I was rather disappointed. The after party, which was advertised as having massages available, did not have any. As in most races they give awards to the top three finishers in each age group, but, in this case, it was just the first place finisher. As a result, we found ourselves leaving very quickly after the race to enjoy what Annapolis has to offer.

Final Grade: C+ (who doesn’t have a medal?)
Overall, this was a great smaller race, the course was challenging but for a race management company rather new to the industry, it was put on rather well. Even though it claims to be a women’s race, there are some men who come out and run it. And if you find yourself running a 1:45 or less half marathon, there is a high chance you may place. However, I heard stories that the year before was not as good as they didn’t have enough liquids at aid stations and it was so unbearably hot that people were passing out because of the heat.

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