Training Tools





Finis Swimmers Snorkel– $35.99
The Swimmers snorkel is a great tool to help focus on your pull and stroke. It allows you to keep your head still, in the water and not have to worry about turning it to breath. But I will say that is a challenge adjusting to it. It was weird at first to start doing it, especially when you are so used to breathing to the side. I am in awe of those who do it during races because in the beginning of training with it I felt like I was breathing in water a lot. It takes some time adjusting but it’s nice to know I can focus on improving my pull and stroke.

Z2 Gold Zoomers® fins– $31.99
These fins have helped fix my style and stride of swimming. I can already tell through swimming that they are encouraging me to swim more efficiently, my ankle feels like it is being strengthed by working different muscle parts. I find myself wanting to kick faster, but the fins help me slowing down and focusing on the strictly on the kicking stride. They definitely propel me through the water faster, but I can tell that I am having to do a lot of work to get me to the other side of the pool.

Agility paddles– $19.99
These are different than previous versions I have swum with. I find that these have helped me focus on my pull in more ways than I could imagine while also improving my arm strength and reminding me to lift my arm and elbow out of the water in order to focus on keeping my hand/arm flat on top of the water. It is a wonderful tool to train with and I highly recommend it as a part of your everyday training regime.

BSX Insight– $419 for multisport option

The BSX Insight is a wearable device that you put into a compression sleeve on your calf. It measures the muscles oxygenation through LED lights. The device then runs an algorithm to give the user their lactate threshold (LT) power, heart rate numbers and personalized training zones based on the data it reports back through the smartphone app.

The test is 30 minutes long and once it is completed, the results will be calculated and immediately revealed.and works in three-minute increments. The app also stores all of your information so you can compare and track your tests over time. The BSX Insight is meant to be used every 6-8 weeks to see if you are improving and it’s very cool to see how you are improving.