Recovery Tools

NormaTec Recovery Boots– $1595

If there is one product I fell in love with the minute I finished the recovery cycle, it’s NormaTec boots. These recovery boots are like a massage but strictly for your legs. After a race, I immediately get in them (sometimes fall asleep because they feel so wonderful) and my legs feel refreshed and relaxed. The best part, is that it helps me get back into training immediately and helps with the recovery time.

2. RAD Roller– $24.99


I feel like I should dub myself the recovery queen because 1. I love to recover and 2. I love trying new products to help me do that. So let me preface this review by saying, I love how RAD this product makes me feel!

 The Marc Pro Plus– $950

Athletes become injured due to overuse, which really means that they are under-recovered. The point of the Marc Pro Plus is to help decrease that recovery time, by allowing them to perform more and lessen the possibility of injury. Many professional athletes, including runners and triathletes, are using the Marc Pro Plus as a regular part of their training in order to stay at the top of their game. I love this product, it works and the proof comes from those using it and the results they are seeing.
 Moji Foot Pro – $39.99

Massages are an important part of recovery and I definitely treat myself to them (let’s be honest, they feel great!) But if you are looking for an at home massager with a cooling sensation, then you need to check out Moji! The company has a great line of products, including their pro line which is made with stainless steel and can be put in the freezer. Why would you put it in the freezer? Because a massager that ices your back at the same time is the greatest invention I have ever experienced.

The Stick Travel Stick– $27.50

The Stick is a great product that comes in many different sizes and options for recovery. The Stick is a handheld device that can help roll out your muscles and the pressure is based upon how hard or light to press the device into your muscles. I am a fan of the Stiff Stick in the travel size because it’s easier use and get in all different spots on your body. Plus it’s great to travel with!

Trigger Point GridX Foam Roller–  $45 $39.95 on Amazon

Foam rollers are some of the best things ever invented for runners and this one is no joke. The GridX provides great relief and is wonderful when rolling out my IT bands, tight hamstrings and sore quads. With the GridX, you lay on it and it just provides more pressure than the original Grid foam roller. It’s twice as firm and helps promote the flow of blood and oxygen. It is also small enough to travel with it.

 RAD Rod– $39

If you are looking for something to help roll out your legs after a long bike ride or run, you definitely need to check out the RAD Rod by RAD Roller. The RAD Rod is nice because it is not made out of plastic that bends where your leg hair can get stuck in it. It is made of high-quality materials with a steel core. But don’t worry about it being too hard and having too much pressure on your muscles because the thin rod is covered with EVA foam and silicon to make it soft to touch and comfortable on the skin while rolling.

 Compex Edge Muscle Stimulator– $399  $249

The best thing since sliced bread. Okay, maybe not sliced bread but ever since my Half Ironman, I would be able to survive without my Compex Edge. It is great for recovery, resistance, and endurance. It is easy to use and very bulky. Can easily be hidden underneath clothes. Compex saves the muscles after you work them with the muscle stimulator and I love the feeling. A bit pricey, but they occasionally have discounts.